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Furever Families

Furever Families

Below are genuine reviews from some members of the "PomAmour~ AKC Pom" family.  We are honored to be a piece of each of these loving homes! 


Elizabeth B.

During my search for a Pom puppy, I pretty much gave up until I came across AKCPOM.  The owner, Kyrran was a dream come true.  She was not hesitant to FaceTime call, she answers all of my questions and openly showed me everything that was needed to re-assure me that she was a genuine breeder that truly cared for the puppies.  Their living quarters were very clean and everything was in order.  During my waiting period, Kyrran kept in contact with me and sent updated photos and videos of the puppy.  When I met with her in person to pick up my puppy, all of the needed paperwork was given to me, she sent in the proper documents for his AKC records and she gave me a bag full of things for him.  So cute, but the highlight of me purchasing a puppy from her was that he was completely litter trained! I was skeptical and thought it would change once he came home with me, but to my amazement, he was.  Yippie!!!  The hardest part was done.  She could not make it any easier.  I have had my puppy for almost one week and I have to admit, Shadow has been a joy and so easy to manage. When I took him to the vet to have him checked out, the vet said, "You got a good one!" If you ever want to get him off your hands, I'll take him." That was the icing on the cake!!!

Kyrran has checked on us to make sure Shadow has been adjusting and wanted me to know that in the future I could contact her anytime if I had any questions or concerns about Shadow. I know it sounds too good to be true but AKCPOM, Kyrran has truly been a blessing for me. If you are considering adding a loving Pomeranian puppy into your life, check with AKCPOM first. If she doesn't have the puppy, sex or color you are looking for, you can wait or consider another choice. You won't be disappointed!!

Kyrran truly has a love for her dogs and their puppies. On top of it, she is a great human being.

Thank you AKCPOM, Kyrran for my Little Shadow. He is so much more than I expected. You have honestly been a blessing. XOXO


Tiffany C.

I received my Pomeranian (Elijah) over 11 years ago.  I was there when he was born and when I came back a few days later, he was the last one left.  I convinced my mother into bringing him home.  She saw him and fell in love with him.   I love my little Eli so much.  He started out as my little brother and ended up being my son.  My father fell ill in 2013 and Eli was there with me when I got the bad news that he passed.  He was right by my side when I was hyperventilating on the bathroom floor and stayed by my side.  Three months later, my mother passed as well, and again, he was right there by my side.  That is how he became my son.  I am now visually impaired and he is my support dog because I have bad anxiety.  He is my rock and I don't know where my state of mind would be if I didnt have him.  I would really be alone.  He has been a blessing for me for 11.5 years and I have my, "little sister and close friend" Kyrran to thank for that. She's always had a great heart and instincts with her puppies.

bingo and grady.JPG

Pete & Deb G.

Annie is the most professional and caring breeder that I have ever worked with in our over 40 years of adopting AKC puppies.  Her nurturing environment produces the sweetest, most well adjusted puppies that easily transition to there adoptive families.  Annie went above and beyond​ with weekly visits to allow us to bond with the puppies, providing AKC registration and identification chips before pick up, and putting together an amazing package of puppy products.  Annie has my highest recommendation and we would never go to any other breeder!

Pete and Deb Gray


Katlyn W.

When I first saw and played with Cian, I knew he was meant to be with me forever.  He came into my life just months before my partner and I had our first baby, so I say Cian is our furst born.  Since then, Cian has added so much love to every family adventure, night at the grill, and even the simplest days.  Not only is Cian my family, but Kyrran is too.  For almost 20 years, I have seen how loving and dedicated she is with her Poms.  I have seen how she's made changes in diet, home products and even services according to what she's learned and what individual pups need.  Anyone who brings home a new family member from AKCPom will know the love I get to experience with Cian, but as someone who gets to see behind the scenes, I want to talk about the love Kyrran has for her Poms too.  The only regret you could have with AKCPom is not finding Kyrran sooner!


Anna F.

We are so grateful to have gotten our puppy here.  It was really meant to be!  He has the sweetest personality, and is the cutest dog ever!  They were so awesome with letting us visit Oso often before he was able to be released.  Very sweet people, very clean environment.  The puppies were in very good hands with them!  They answered EVERYTHING we asked.  They took care of all shots and deworming until we got to bring him home.  When we are ready for a second, we will 100% come back here.  We know they are legit and wonderful people!  Our little buddy is perfect, thank you for giving him the best start to life! 


Cindy C.

I have waited about 8 long years, to get another Pom, after losing my last one.  I really did a thorough search to find the right qualified Breeder, whom I could trust to breed a good healthy Pom.  And I did!!!!! I found Kyrran and AKC POM.  Right from the beginning, I felt that she was the right one.  Not only is Kyrran a very professional, qualified Breeder; Her warmth and caring shone through right away, and I especially liked the fact that she kept the pups within them, and nourished them within her Family home.  Not only did she care for them alongside her Family, she littered trained him, trained him to learn his name, sent in all of the forms for AKC, dewormed and got him his first shot.  And she kept in touch with us sending pictures every week showing his progress, and even faced timed, before I was able to pick him up.  Along with a lovely gift bag full of goodies for him, with all his papers and things for us....So very thoughtful.  We truly hit the jackpot, not only finding Kyrran, but getting our Little Boy Blu....Whom we fell in love with at the first sight, from his first picture, to finally holding him in my arms.  We adore him, and I feel confident that he will live to be a very happy, healthy boy.  Thanks to Kyrran and her Family.  Thank you so very much Kyrran, for helping to bring such joy to us.....


Courtney G.

Being a first time dog owner I did extensive research over the past couple of years on what breed of dog I could give the best life to.  After landing on the Pomeranian I searched and found exactly what I was looking for with Annie's Animated AKC.  The owner Kyrran was very communicative with us since day 1 when I inquired about my now best friend Pepper.  She sent us so many updates along the way and gave us insight into Pepper's little forming personality (which she was absolutely right about).  Each of these beautiful puppies is so well taken care of and the love she has for the Pomeranian breed is outstanding.  Training and taking care of Pepper has only been made easier as she already knew her name by the time she came home with us.  She is absolutely the best dog and I adore watching her learn and grow.  I can't imagine having gone anywhere else.  Thank you so much!!


Korina L.

I stumbled onto AKC Poms on IG while looking up Pomeranian puppies.  I had seen so many online and did some research on them and was looking for a specific look and was concerned about finding a puppy that was coming from a loving home where I could see pictures of the parents and learn about their specific personality traits.  When I found AKC Pom I immediately loved her dog look and that they were a small family breeder.  Their puppies are raised in home as part of their family and that is something I truly appreciated.  We waited for a little girl for a long time but she finally came and just at the right time. Leia is such an amazing addition to our family, she is playful, sweet and is so loving and gentle with our children.  I was concerned about potty training and constant barking but she has been great on both areas, in fact she only barks when being playful.  Kyrran is amazing and gave us updates thru the whole process and was so helpful and patient with my many questions as a first time pom mom.  Her dogs and puppies are healthy, beautiful and happy!  Thank you AKC Pom, you have been amazing! Xoxo

Feel free to follow Leia on IG



Ricardo C.

My name is Ricardo, I live in Jupiter Florida and I just get a beautiful puppy from Kyrran Douglas-Lopez.  I name the puppy Rico.  He is a little healthy and playful baby, I'm so happy that I got him from her because she is so kindness and good person and I glad that I met her in person.  She does a great job taking care of the puppies so they can be healthy and great to go to their new houses, I only can say thanks Kyrran, for made a great job with Rico y I really appreciate it thanks.  And if you guys want a healthy and beautiful puppy, get it from Kyrran.  You won't regret it!


Melissa A.

Thank you for everything you did for us when we decided to get a puppy.  We are so appreciative of the care and attentiveness you provided along the journey.  From weekly photo updates to proper care when we got him home.  You were incredible.  He's a great addition to our family! 


Nancy P.

Dear Annie,

Ken and I are forever grateful for the phenomenal job you did with raising our little precious Coco until we were ready to have her join us!  We felt so comfortable with the whole process from the day she was born.  

We felt your experience and expertise was what made us feel so comfortable and reassuring that we were getting a wonderful little girl.  Since the day we brought her home she has been an absolute joy.  We know that she is who she is because you and your family.

Thank you for the wonderful experience of getting a new puppy.


Ken and Nancy


Michelle L.

Our family had such a great experience with AKCPom.  Kyrran is so knowledgeable and helpful, and being able to contact her with any questions, even after all these years......we've had our sweet girl Coco for over 10 years.  I've recommended many of my family and friends to AKCPom.  Thank you for everything....

Sunny and Emilio.JPEG

Sunny J.

Annie has been wonderful throughout the entire process from beginning to end.  She was so helpful and full of knowledge.  I had the best experience, and so happy that Emilio is part of our family now.


Mary L.

Annie was so amazing when I reached out, unsure of which baby I wanted!  She let me meet the baby she thought would be perfect for me.  Their family of puppy socializers really love and care for the puppies and the families they go to.  I can't imagine a more seamless process of adding Theo to my family!


Tonya P.

Just a shout out to Annie's Animated Poms.  I purchased this boy and I'm 100% in love with him.  This boy is so loving and super friendly.  We had a ten hour ride home and he did nothing but amazing.  I will be using him in our breeding program and I couldn't be happier with him!!  Thank you again for such a sweet loving boy!!


Sabine V.

Kyrran was wonderful to work with.  She patiently answered all my questions, kept us updated with pictures and videos of our little pup until we were able to pick him up, and was helpful even afterwards when we has some additional questions.  The documents were well organized. The health check was up to date.  Everything was made so easy. When  we picked up Pepper, she gave us a goodie bag with some of his favorite things and set us up for a good start. Pepper is a lovely, healthy and well socialized little pup, and I am so glad we got him. Thank you, Kyrran!



I came across AKC pom's IG while looking for trusted breeders in Las Vegas and found Annie.  I followed her for a few months watching her amazing little Pom family grow.  I knew it was time to add a new floor to my family (my current Pom Pup thought so too), so I picked out the cutest little floof Maui!  Annie kept me updated with pictures and vet appointments weekly until he was ready to come home at 10 weeks.  This experience was so easy, professional and worry-free.  I would highly recommend her and her beautiful family for a purchase of a new healthy Pom puppy!!  You even get a goodie bag and legitimate paperwork regarding your Pom.  I can't thank you enough for my perfect little boy Maui.  I may need to unfollow soon before I get more!!!! LOL!

Rio & Leo.JPG


Leo is absolutely amazing!!!! He's so sweet and has the absolute best temperament especially as a puppy!  I'm so thankful I was able to find Annie & it feels so good to know I got my baby from a loving family who really cares about how their puppies are treated & who is adopting them.  So so so grateful & constantly contemplating about adding another to my family. 

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