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Welcome to our Nursery

This room is dedicated to our Pom Parents and their babies.  This is where our puppies grow and play until they find their forever homes. We keep all necessities stocked and continuously make adjustments to improve the quality and comfort of their living space.


This is where we keep all of our supplies, from whelping and puppy essentials to vitamins and beyond... 

Below are 2 views from our puppy cam.  We can manipulate the view of the camera, listen and talk to our puppies with just a push of a button from our cell phones.  We feel this additional means of visibility and communication will not only help us monitor our puppies and their safety when away from the home or in the middle of the night, but has also proven a wonderful tool to share pictures and footage with future families of our puppies.


A little about our nursery...

First and foremost, this room is 100% puppy proofed!  Our climate controlled nursery features a security system and 2-way audio, surveillance camera.  This enables us to hear AND communicate with our Poms with the push of a button.  We have 2 HEPA air filters constantly running, day and night in addition to an extraction fan to ensure the room always has clean air.  On nights when our Poms can use a little extra calming, we lightly infuse the air with Eucalyptus aroma therapy, which is proven both safe and beneficial to dogs.  Our Pom babies are housed in an acrylic playpen so we have a clear view of them from all angles.  Linens and toys are washed weekly or as needed.  Potty pads are changed daily and the tile floors make cleaning and steaming a breeze to ensure our little ones stay healthy.  This room is cleaned and vacuumed daily! Our medicine cabinet is always stocked with necessities for both our moms and their pups.  We even have a puppy incubator with oxygen and a nebulizer in case we have some littles who could use the extra support. We do our very best to have everything our Poms could possibly need, within our reach.  In the event we should encounter a situation we cannot handle on our own, our trusted Veterinary Hospital is only 5 minutes down the road from our home.  

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