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Our goal is to produce Pomeranians free of genetic disease and provide families with happy, loving companions....

                            ~PomAmour Pomeranians

Our Story

   Hello, my name is Annie.  I received my first Pomeranian when I was 16 years old. My love for the breed began the second my little girl, NiKy was in my arms.  That was nearly 19 years ago and since then, I have been raising and occasionally breeding Poms as gifts for friends and family.        

Our little family has decided to start sharing our fur-children with responsible, loving families who wish to welcome them into their homes.  Our puppies are hand raised in our home with daily love and socialization from myself, my husband and our two children.  From their birth to their departure to new homes, our family works together to guarantee our puppies will be lovable companions for any family setting.  

We are dedicated to producing healthy puppies.  We DNA and Health Test ALL of our parent Poms and are completely transparent with the results.  All parent Poms are tested through Embark to ensure health and compatibility for breeding.  All parents are OFA & CHIC certified (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) and have undergone screenings for their Eye, Patellar and Cardiovascular health.  While these tests alone cannot guarantee a healthy dog, we believe they are helpful tools in addition to regular vet checks and a healthy diet and lifestyle.  We feed our Pomeranians a combination of freeze dried, home cooked meals and a high grade kibble.  They are exercised daily through play with my family and running around the yard with the pack.  Our Poms are never crated throughout the day unless nursing their young, which they do in a large acrylic playpen with plenty of space to roam until its time for momma to take a break in the yard.  

  We do NOT breed for "micro or teacup" Poms; no ethical breeder does!  While we aim to produce AKC standard size Poms (3-7 pounds) we occasionally produce puppies that exceed 7 pounds.  We do NOT discriminate against larger babies!!  We love all our fur-children equally!  


  As a child, I was raised and held to higher standards.  Now, as a mother, I too hold my children to a higher standard.  I see no reason not to breed with higher standards.  Even with 19 years of experience raising Pomeranian puppies, and over 25 years of raising puppies of various other breeds, there is still much to learn.  I am always seeking information and learn something new all the time.  I wholeheartedly believe in the "betterment of the breed".  So, with countless hours of research, genetic testing and with the guidance of a few experts in the field, we are continuously improving our program and the babies we produce.  Our aim is to produce only the finest, healthiest and happiest puppies for our clients. 


We specialize in Merles (black, blue and chocolate) Tri Colors, Blue, Black and Tan, Chocolate and Tan, Cream, Orange, and Parti colors.

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Meet our Team


Kyrran Douglas-Lopez
Founder / Breeder

eddie and Lu.JPG

Eddie Lopez
Co-Founder &
Puppy Socializer

bean n ringo.JPG

Eddie Lopez
Co-Founder &
Flight Companion

graham n blu.JPG

Graham Lopez
Co-Founder &
Puppy Socializer

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