About Us

Our goal is to protect and preserve the breed while providing families with happy, healthy puppies

AKC POM is proud to serve the Spitz-Loving community in bringing you excellent quality, AKC Pomeranian puppies.  All our Poms are registered with the American Kennel Club, genetically tested through Embark, loved and well socialized within our family and sure to bring you a lifetime of love and joy!

Our Story

   Hello, my name is Annie.  I received my first Pomeranian when I was 16 years old. My love for the breed began the second my little girl, NiKy was in my arms.  That was nearly 17 years ago and since then, I have been raising and occasionally breeding Poms as gifts for friends and family.        

Our little family has decided to start sharing our fur-children with responsible, loving families who wish to welcome them into their homes.  We are dedicated to producing healthy puppies.  We DNA and Health Test ALL of our parent Poms and are completely transparent with you on the test results.  We do NOT breed for "micro or teacup" Poms; no ethical breeder does!  While we aim to produce AKC standard size Poms (3-7 pounds) we occasionally produce puppies that exceed 7 pounds.  We do NOT discriminate against larger babies!!  We love all our fur-children equally!  


As a child, I was raised and held to higher standards.  Now, as a mother, I too hold my children to a higher standard.  I see no reason not to breed with higher standards.  Even with 17 years experience producing and raising Pomeranian puppies, there is still much to learn.  I am always seeking information and learn something new all the time.  I wholeheartedly believe in the "betterment of the breed".  So, with countless hours of research, genetic testing and with the guidance of a few experts in the field, we are continuously improving our program and the babies we produce.  Our aim is to produce only the finest, healthiest and happiest puppies for our clients. 


Currently, we specialize in Merles (both blue and chocolate) with and without tan points, Black and Tan, Chocolate and Tan and Parti colors.

   Each member of our team (excluding the children of course :) has at least 20 years experience with raising puppies of various breeds.  We are proud to have two members who are excellent dog trainers as well.  Our team has come together to provide healthy, happy, well-socialized, purebred Pomeranian puppies to place in loving homes all over the United States.

Meet our Team

Kyrran Douglas-Lopez
Founder / Breeder

Eddie watermark.jpeg

Eddie Lopez
Puppy Socializer

Kyrra's watermark.jpeg

Kyrra Douglas
Dog Trainer / Puppy Nanny

Eddie Lopez
Co-Founder / Puppy Nanny

Graham Lopez
Puppy Socializer

Jasper Lu
Dog Trainer / Puppy Nanny